This is 18 — through girls’ eyes.

What does life look like for 18-year-old girls around the world? We gave young female photographers around the world an assignment: Show us 18 in your community. This is 18 — through girls’ eyes.

Welcome to the Feminist Fight Club

It's like Mortal Kombat — but for feminism. Watch a fight club where instead of battling each other, members take on the ultimate opponent: Patriarchy. Based on the book by Jessica Bennett.

Inside the New York Times' 'Lively Morgue'

Print archives that were once the heart of many newspapers have gone the way of the floppy disk. But at the New York Times, the technology that has threatened to kill the morgue may also save it. This video was produced by Tumblr in partnership with WNYC.

'D' is for Divorce: Sesame Street Takes on the Taboo

How do you teach preschoolers about divorce? If you're Sesame Street, the answer is simple: very, very carefully. This video, produced by Tumblr in partnership with Time, received a 2013 New York Press Club award.

Muhammad Ali Goes to Mars: The Lost Interview

It was in the summer of 1966 when a star-struck 17-year-old set out to interview his idol: boxing champ Muhammad Ali. Nearly 50 years later, Tumblr & and Blank on Blank teamed up to bring the lost interview back to life.

Meet the Men Who Repair New York City's Potholes

Every day, on a blog called "The Daily Pothole," New Yorkers get a peek inside the inner workings of a city system few knew existed: the men (and yes it's all men) who repair the city's potholes. Tumblr spent a day with the crew who fill this very important job.

Pizza That Never Sleeps (Even in a Hurricane)

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, powerless and soggy, the pizzerias that feed New Yorkers found a way to stay open. We headed to Lombardi's -- America's first licensed pizzeria -- where a hurricane was no excuse to close up shop. This video was nominated for a James Beard award.

Meet the Directioners: The Superfans of One Direction

What does it take to be a One Direction superfan? Tumblr, in partnership with MTV, heads into the depths of teen hysteria to find out.

Breakfast With Kreayshawn

On the eve of her first studio release, Tumblr sat down with LA rapper Kreayshawn for pancakes and bacon. Deep thoughts ensue.