Photo by    Sharon Attia

Photo by Sharon Attia

Jessica Bennett has spent much of her award-winning journalism career focusing a gender lens on social trends — from the persistence of workplace inequality to the ripple effects of #MeToo.

In 2017, Jessica was named The New York Times’ first-ever Gender Editor, leading a newsroom-wide initiative to elevate coverage of women and gender across platforms. She was co-creator of Overlooked, which provided long-overdue obituaries to historic women who never received them (but should have) and is being adapted for television. She hosted The Times’ very first women’s conference, The New Rules Summit, which gathered 250 organizational leaders across industries to consider: What stands in the way of greater strides by women at work? She has helped steer the paper’s ongoing coverage of #MeToo, launched new products and columns, and was editor of #ThisIs18, a photography initiative and social campaign to showcase the lives of 18-year-old girls around the world.

Jessica is the author of the bestselling book, Feminist Fight Club: A Survival Manual for a Sexist Workplace (HarperCollins) — a manual for navigating gender bias at work, rooted in social science but written with a sense of humor. Feminist Fight Club has been translated into 14 languages, a podcast, university curriculum, and is being adapted for television.

Jessica's writing has appeared in a variety of outlets, including Vogue, Newsweek, Time, Cosmopolitan and The New York Times, where she's covered campus life, wrote a column on internet language, and has profiled Monica Lewinsky, Paula Broadwell and Ellen Pao.

Her work has been honored by the Newswomen's Club of New York, the New York Press Club, the Society for Professional Journalists, GLAAD and the International Center of Photography.

Learn more about her book at or find her at an event near you.


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